Local Treasure

A National Debt represents a burden that is passed onto future generations.   A National Treasure is a gift to future generations. Society pays for roads, schools, churches and other structures just once, and this is part of our National Treasure.

Let us work together to add affordable housing to our Local Treasure.

We suggest that this Local Treasure be managed in three parts to ensure stability and strength:

  1. A group that works with fund raising, building, and other skills. The central group buys or constructs buildings, then creates a separate non-profit entity and donates a building to it, with deed restrictions so the property will always be used for affordable housing.
  2. Individual buildings or properties that provide affordable housing and operate within simple rules. These properties are mostly managed by the tenants or hired managers. They report their operations to the local Upgrade Council.
  3. The local Upgrade Council is made up of the leaders of each non-profit group in your city, They oversee the properties in a very limited way, but can revoke the deed to the property when a building falls into disarray.

This model is suggested as a way to make sure that:

  • All the properties cannot be somehow lost due to errors or some shortcoming at the central group.
  • Individual properties cannot be lost due to errors or problems at the building level.
  • The local oversight group (Upgrade Council) does not have an incentive to take over all the local buildings. However, the Central Group leaders shall be elected by the National Upgrade Council.