We believe that more rental properties should belong to non-profit organizations and that the resulting rent should be about one quarter (1/4) the amount of rent today!

To accomplish our goals, we will have:

  • Rent-Reducing Places
  • Rent-Reduction Dollars
  • Rent-Reducing Businesses

Rent Reducing Places

A Rent-Reducing Place (RRP) could be an apartment complex, a farm, or any place that would benefit from non-profit ownership and has a goal of providing low-cost rentals.

Each property is managed by the tenants or their chosen property manager, but has rules (deed-restrictions) to preserve the place and its long-term affordability. A Rent-Reducing Place applies rents, proceeds from fundraisers, and income from local businesses to pay the mortgage. Rents are reduced until the mortgage is paid. Of course, the rent will never be zero since we have to pay property taxes and maintenance!

As people or businesses pay rent, they earn Rent-Reduction Dollars that they can use to move to another Rent Reduction Place.

Examples of Future Rent Reducing Places
Place Name Theme or focus Cities
Upgradia Eclectic, a bit of everything In Seattle
Bavaria Everything German Near Seattle
RoboFarm Everything high tech Near Seattle
RoboTown Everything high tech South East Oregon

Places in different towns would have dramatically different requirements so it might be possible to find a great place in a more rural setting. A Rent-Reducing Place can use age, disabilities, income, and the number and age of Rent-Reducing Dollars to help choose tenants.

Rent Reduction Dollars

Our system works by creating Rent-Reduction Dollars (RRD) that are used to buy properties.
You can buy Rent-Reduction dollars in our store or you can earn them by:

  • telling others about our site
  • shopping from a Rent-Reducing Business
  • other ways under development

Who Owns Rental Properties?

People who rent are buying properties for the people and corporations that “own” the properties.

The following chart shows who might own the apartments in your area.

Rentals often have the lowest quality of just about everything, with poor soundproofing and insulation. Management says “it’s just a rental” as they justify the lack of upgrades.

Emergency Mode

People have asked us to offer an “Emergency Mode” due to their fear of becoming homeless. You could share your thoughts on how you could help with “Emergency Mode Operations”, please send an email to emergency@lowertherent.org.
We added “Emergency Mode” as a purchase option on our store. Your EM purchase goes to buy items on our Wish List, such as a School Bus, Mobile Kitchen, generators, solar panels, and so on.

You would earn double RRD (Rent Reduction Dollars) and our gratitude for your purchase.